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Episode 392: The Butcher of Kingsbury Run Part 2

1 Jam, 14 Menit

Episode 392: The Butcher of Kingsbury Run Part 2

16 November 2022

Our second part of The Cleveland Torso Murders is here and though it is the conclusion, we aren't left with comfort. The Butcher takes several more lives but try as the investigators might, they simply were never able to find out his true identity. Have no fear though, DT Alaina gives us THE SUSPECT OF THE CENTURY! Thank you to the mystical and beautiful David White for research assistance! Associated Press. 1938. "Find Cleveland Torso Murders Clew a Dud." Chicago Tribune, August 29: 20. Badal, James J. 2014. In the Wake of the Butcher: Cleveland's Torso Murders. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press. —. 2022. The Kingsbury Run Murders. Accessed October 10, 2022. Collins, Max Allen, and A. Brad Schwartz. 2020. Eliot Ness and the Mad Butcher. Boston, MA: Mariner Books. Culley, Jim. n.d. Ness, Eliot. Accessed October 18, 2022. Lytle, Alea. n.d. Kingsbury Run. Accessed October 12, 2022. Plainesville Telegraph. 1934. "Police Seek to Trace Operation as Key to Torso Murder Mystery." Plainesville Telegraph, September 6. The Boston Globe. 1938. "Fail to Find House of Torso Suspect." The Boston Globe, August 29: 3. The Cincinatti Post. 1938. "City's New Safety Unit to Find How Cleveland Cut Its Auto Toll." The Cincinatti Post, December 28: 18. The El Reno Daily Tribune. 1935. "Decapitated Body is Discovered in Ravine." The El Reno Daily Tribune, September 24: 1. The Orleans Chronicle. 1938. "Crime." The Orleans Chronicle, August 25. The Toledo News-Bee. 1936. "Head of Torso Believed in Run." The Toledo News-Bee, September 11: 32. Toledo News-Bee. 1936. "Cleveland Maniac Hnuted in Murders." The Cleveland News-Bee, June 6. United Press. 1938. "Nine Held as Junkman Gives First Real Clue to Torso Killer." New York Daily News, August 25: 6. —. 1936. "Mad Butcher's Seventh Victim Found By Boys." The Oklahome News, September 15: 14. —. 1938. "Ten Mile Area Fails to Reveal Single Clue." The Palm Beach Post, August 27: 3. —. 1937. "Ninth Torso Found Under Cleveland Bridge." The Toledo News-Bee, June 7. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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