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Breaking Update! Gilgo Beach: Massacre in the Marsh (Part 2)

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Breaking Update! Gilgo Beach: Massacre in the Marsh (Part 2)

9 Juni 2024

Just days before recording this episode, a significant breakthrough occurred in the Long Island Serial Killer case, also known as The Gilgo Beach Murders, after over a decade of what has felt like radio silence. At long last, a suspect has been apprehended in this profoundly tragic case that has continued to haunt residents of Long Island, New York (including Tank and Slater) while rocking an entire nation. Who is this new suspect who has allegedly committed some of the most heinous crimes imaginable while somehow managing to elude police detection all this time? What is the evidence that points to his alleged guilt? How did a new task force of law enforcement agents track this suspect's movements and collect his DNA for over a year? Tune in to Part 2 of this two-part episode to uncover the details surrounding this rapidly unfolding, historic, and heartrending case. Instagram + Threads: @psychopediapod @tank.sinatra @investigatorslater Patreon: Email: Webstie: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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