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145 - Discover Maine with Brent Watson

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22 Mei 2023

The for this episode was recorded on March 22, so keep that in mind when listening to our discussion about the weather and daylight hours. ***ABOUT*** Maine is the easternmost and northernmost state in the contiguous United States, and it’s known for its expansive forests, breathtaking coastlines, and its unique New England culture. Today, we're going to talk to Brent (Speak English with This Guy), who is a middle school English teacher from Maine. You'll hear from a local all about the food culture, lifestyle and accent of Mainers (or Maniacs!), as well as a crazy story about moose. Hear why our only one-syllable state is such a wonderful place all while getting to know a local.  ***OUR GUEST*** If you want to hear Brent more often, why not check out his podcast? It's called: Speak English with This Guy!  ***PREMIUM CONTENT***  Season 3: By purchasing Season 3, you'll be able to access the full episodes, the full PDF transcripts for episodes 101 - 150, an Mp3 download  and the premium podcast player to work on your pronunciation.  You'll also get the full 5-Minute English Course - Part 2, which contains 12 in-depth lessons to boost your vocabulary! This lesson is part of that course. Get ALL PREMIUM CONTENT FOR SEASONS 1 - 3  (with 5 in-depth courses to improve your English,  includes all transcripts + mp3s, quizzes + more) Get ONLY the Transcripts for Episodes 001 - 150 Get the Free E-Book: 101 American English Slang Words  Support the show


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