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Business of Business

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Business of Business

1 Desember 2020

Sadhguru answers questions posed by K. V. Kamath, Chairman of Infosys and Non-Executive Chairman of ICICI Bank. The internationally recognized expert in matters of business and finance also proves to be a well-prepared and witty conversationalist who steers the discussion towards some of the key challenges the corporate sector faces, such as success and failure, corruption and greed. As a solution for many of these issues and to create wellbeing for all, Sadhguru places great emphasis on inclusiveness. Offering valuable insight into the art of leadership, Sadhguru stresses the importance of clarity and vision. Moreover, he says, taking charge of oneself– including one’s body, mind, and energies – is imperative to be able to take charge of others. Examining the downside of success, he concludes incisively: “If wealth has to become well-being, you need a spiritual element within you. there is no inner dimension in you, your very success will work against you.” Editor's Note: Connect with Sadhguru! Download the Sadhguru App and get access to Sadhguru’s articles, videos, daily quotes, program info and much more. Available on Android and iOS. Conscious Planet:  Sadhguru App (Download): Official Sadhguru Website: Sadhguru Exclusive: See for privacy information.


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