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Listener Tales 38

1 Jam, 21 Menit

Listener Tales 38

4 April 2022

Listener Tales 38 brings us multiple doozy’s. We read a tale about an axe-wielding murderer, the ghost of a little girl covered in barbed wire, and a backwoods gas station that led to two of our listeners being involved in a time slip. If you have a listener tale that you’d like to share with us you can send it to and just make sure that you add “Listener Tale” somewhere in the subject line :), for a FREE fourteen-day trial and get full access to Shopify’s entire suite of features!  If prescribed, just pay $5 for shipping and handling. and sign up for 10% off your first order. and tell them what you love, first-time subscribers get 15% off with the code MORBID Voices For Justice Podcast: Listen to voices for justice anywhere you listen to podcasts! Follow on instagram @voicesforjusticepodcast and on twitter @VFJPod See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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