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Gi-Wook Shin: How South Korea Deals with Brain Drain

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7 April 2023

Many have argued about the determining factor behind Korea's rapid development and miracle transformation. Some suggested due to their economic policy; some emphasized the country's democratization process. Enriching our understanding of Korea's unparalleled evolution, this conversation tries to cover from a different perspective—featuring a political and historical-comparative sociologist who has been teaching at Stanford University for more than 20 years Gi-Wook Shin. Prof. Shin highlights the undeniable influence of soft power and Koreans' competitive nature. Furthermore, he explores the potential threat that might turn the country's successful modern history upside-down: demographic and democratic crises. In addition, he also talks about his modified theory of brain drain and how this phenomenon has been playing a role in shaping two of Asia's hegemonies, China and India, as well as how we can learn from them. #Endgame #GitaWirjawan #GiWookShin ----------------- About the guest: Gi-Wook Shin is the Director of APARC, Senior Fellow of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and Founding Director of the Korea Program at Stanford University. About the host: Gita Wirjawan is an Indonesian educator, entrepreneur, and currently a visiting scholar at APARC, Stanford University. ----------------- SGPP Indonesia Master of Public Policy: [email protected] Other "Endgame" episode playlists: Global ThinkersWandering ScientistsThe Take Visit and subscribe: SGPP Indonesia Visinema Pictures


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