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Rebuttals For The 3 Biggest Misconceptions About R*pe & S**ual A**ault

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Rebuttals For The 3 Biggest Misconceptions About R*pe & S**ual A**ault

9 Februari 2023

Indah went on the r/feminism community on Reddit and asked "what is a common misconception men that tend to have regarding the topic of r*pe and s**ual a**ault?" In this episode, Indah selects the top 3 responses and provide rebuttals to each of them. Indah also recaps about a conversation she had with a male friend of hers about this topic where she was able to change his mind. This episode is strictly for educational purposes and aims to raise awareness regarding sexual violence towards women, as well as equip listeners with an arsenal of FACTUAL proven-by data arguments & statistics, against common talking points from 'the other side.' Timestamps: 0:00 — Intro & Disclaimers 2:45 — My Reddit Post 8:05 — "Choose Better" 11:32 — Coercion 16:57 — Safety & Prevention 18:39 — A conversation about r*pe and s**ual a**ault with my male friend Full episodes of The Indah G Show are available every Thursday 6:00 PM WIB (Indonesia) time on on YouTube, Spotify & Apple Podcast. Episode clips are also available on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok. PSA for all of our deaf & hard-of-hearing viewers & listeners all over the world, our full episodes on YouTube come with automatic English closed captions that have been reviewed and revised by our team to ensure accuracy. For those of our local Indonesian audience in need of Indonesian translations, you can find Bahasa Indonesia closed captions on the episode clips of this episode uploaded on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok, which we will be sure to post a lot of from each and every episode on this show to ensure that none of you miss out.


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