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Salty Santa Comes Down Our Chimney ft. Stavros Halkias

1 Jam, 11 Menit

Salty Santa Comes Down Our Chimney ft. Stavros Halkias

25 Desember 2023

New Merch: Tour Tickets: Get MORE Bad Friends at our Patreon!! Thank you to our Sponsors: Manscaped, Rocket Money, Dr.Squatch & AirUp • Get 20% and free shipping at code: BADFRIENDS • Rocket Money: Stop wasting money on things you don't use. Go to • Dr.Squatch: Go to and get 3 free bars of soap and free shipping when you buy 3 bars. • AirUp: Gift hydration this holiday season with air up and save up to 40% today! YouTube Subscribe: Audio Subscribe: Merch: More Stavros Halikas "Fat Rascal" Comedy Special: Instagram: Stavvy's World: 0:00 Greek Santa Stavros and Gozilla Minus One 10:16 Carlos Faints During Bad Friends Tour 19:20 A Reindeer Intervention & Stavros Wants to Fire the Producers 27:01 Do Greeks Celebrate Christmas? 33:37 Squid Game Con 38:07 A Light Holiday Conversation About Crime & Prison Life 50:07 Is Karma Real? 1:05:43 Shaquille O'Neal's Experience at Every Zoo in the World More Bobby Lee TigerBelly: Instagram: Twitter: Tickets: More Andrew Santino Whiskey Ginger: Instagram: Twitter: Tickets: More Juicy Instagram: More Fancy SOS VHS: Instagram: More Bad Friends iTunes: Instagram: Twitter: Official Website: Opening Credits and Branding: & Credit Sequence Music: // Character Design: Bad Friends Mosaic Sign: Produced by: 7EQUIS Podcast Producer: Andrés Rosende This video contains paid promotion. #bobbylee #andrewsantino #badfriends Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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