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What Did You Have To Give Up To Come Out As A Lesbian? Ft. Kai Mata

1 Jam, 19 Menit

What Did You Have To Give Up To Come Out As A Lesbian? Ft. Kai Mata

1 Desember 2022

Can you believe I went to high school with Indonesia's most fabulous lesbian singer-songwriter? How fierce is that! In this episode, we'll be sitting down with Kai as we walk down memory lane of our time back in High School, discuss her journey of navigating life and career as a gay Chinese-Indonesian woman, the trials and tribulations of coming out, not only to herself, but especially to her friends and family, and of course, Indonesian politics surrounding LGBTQIA. Timestamps: 01:23 — Intro, Catching Up On The Last 7 years 07:15 — Reflecting Back on Being Gay in High School 17:10 — Reconciling with Self, Falling In Love With Your Best Friend & Lavender Marriages 26:15 — Coming Out To Parents & Grandparents 31:50 — Indonesia's Actually So Queer 33:26 — Sacrifice, Internalized Homophobia, Hierarchy of Acceptance of LGTBQIA in IDN 48:50 — Being A Gay Catholic Chinese Indonesian Woman, What Did You Have To Give Up, Moving To Bali 01:03:53 — Queer Dating & Sex  01:16:53 — Closing Intro Song: Where Love Goes Apple Music: Spotify: Join the Kai Mata Fanclub: Instagram:


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