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Is Motherhood Really As Great As People Say It Is? Ft. Ovisa & Lunar

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Is Motherhood Really As Great As People Say It Is? Ft. Ovisa & Lunar

20 Desember 2022

Did you know that both Ovisa & Lunar's mom nearly died giving birth? And that number 437 on my list of reasons to never get pregnant is that your vagina can legitimately fall out after giving birth? Swollen nipples, stretch marks, torn vaginas, postpartum depression and the probability of your child becoming a psychopathic serial killer makes pregnancy and motherhood in general sound extremely daunting, but surely there must be some positives to spawning offsprings into this world? Also, what kind of a mother do you think Indah and Lunar would be one day, if/when they have kids? Tune into this episode for another sisterly talk of the realities of motherhood, as well as future aspirations of raising children. Mix-Language Episode (English + Bahasa Indonesia) Timestamps: 0:00 — Intro, Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression, Resenting Motherhood 3:13 — First-Time-Daddy Depression 6:19 — Being A Creative Working Mom & How Much Of Ourselves We Have To Sacrifice To Become Parents 9:35 — Breastfeeding, Stretch Marks, Gaining Weight, Loose Skin, Vaginas Falling Out 14:35 — C-Section vs. Vaginal Delivery, Torn Vaginas, Lunar's Mom's 32 Hour Labor, Vaginal Vacuums 24:34 — It's Okay To Ask For Help, Moms 35:02 — Are There Any Positives To Motherhood? 36:27 — Playgrounds & Expensive Toys 40:59 — Only Child vs. Having Siblings 45:46 — Adopting Our Mother's Personalities While Pregnant & Are Pregnancy Cravings Just Myths 49:28 — What Type of Mom Indah & Lunar Would Be, Tech Gadgets & Social Media For Children 54:37 — Closing Join the Ovisa Fanclub: Instagram: Join the Lunar Fanclub: Instagram: Full episodes of The Indah G Show are available every Thursday 6:00 PM WIB (Indonesia) time on on YouTube, Spotify & Apple Podcast. Episode clips are also available on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok. PSA for all of our deaf & hard-of-hearing viewers & listeners all over the world, our full episodes on YouTube come with automatic English closed captions that have been reviewed and revised by our team to ensure accuracy. For those of our local Indonesian audience in need of Indonesian translations, you can find Bahasa Indonesia closed captions on the episode clips of this episode uploaded on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok, which we will be sure to post a lot of from each and e


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