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Episode 449: The Murder of Daniel Brophy

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10 April 2023

On Saturday June 2, 2018, students at the Oregon Culinary Institute (OCI) arrived at class that morning to find their instructor, sixty-three-year-old Daniel Brophy, dead from gunshot wounds to the back and chest. With more than fifty years’ experience in the culinary field, Brophy was a popular chef and instructor and, while detectives couldn’t rule out a disgruntled student, no one could imagine his killer was a member of the OCI community. A massive thank you to Caleb for joining Ash on today's episode! Go check out Scream! and Horrorsoup anywhere you listen to podcasts. Thank you to the incredible David White for research assistance! References Court TV. 2022. OR v. Crampton-Brophy: Romance Novelist Murder Trial. June 15. Accessed March 8, 2023. Flynn, Meagan. 2018. "Novelist who wrote about 'How to Murder Your Husband' charged with murdering her husband." Washington Post, September 12. Green, Aimee. 2019. Details of murder case against romance writer should become public in 2 weeks, judge rules. April 5. Accessed March 12, 2023. Karimi, Faith. 2022. "This romance novelist is on trial in her husband's killing. It's like a plot twist from one of her books." CNN Wire, April 7. Kavanaugh, Shane Dixon. 2019. Gun parts bought online at center of Oregon romance novelist’s suspected spouse slaying. April 4. Accessed March 12, 2023. —. 2018. "Romance novelist suspected of slaying husband." Longview Daily News, September 7: B2. —. 2020. No coronavirus ‘guest house’ for Oregon romance writer charged with murdering husband, judge rules. April 10. Accessed March 12, 2023. NBC News. 2022. Dateline. Television, New York, NY: NBC News. O'Rourke, Ciara. 2019. A Beloved Culinary Instructor Was Murdered. What Happened Next Was Stranger Than Fiction. May 31. Accessed March 10, 2023. Paul, Maria Luisa. 2022. "'How to Murder Your Husband' writer sentenced to life for." Washington Post, June 14. Sparling, Zane. 2022. Love vs. money: Lawyers make final arguments in Oregon romance writer’s murder trial. May 22. Accessed March 12, 2023. —. 2022. Oregon romance novelist grilled on amnesia claim, missing gun barrel on crucial day in her murder trial. May 18. Accessed 2023 12, 2022. —. 2022. Spotlight shines on Oregon romance novelist accused of killing chef husband. May 23. Accessed March 8, 2023. Voorhees, Carolyn. 2018. Former students, friends mourn loss of Oregon Culinary Institute chef killed in shooting. June 3. Accessed March 8, 2023. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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