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The power of strategic narrative | Andy Raskin

The power of strategic narrative | Andy Raskin

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28 Mei 2023

Brought to you by Coda—Meet the evolution of docs | Lenny’s Job Board—Hire the best product people. Find the best product gigs | Eco—Your most rewarding app — Andy Raskin helps CEOs align their leadership teams around a strategic narrative—a single story that powers success in sales, marketing, product, fundraising, and recruiting. His clients include Gong, Dropbox, Uber, Salesforce, Square, and IBM. In today’s episode, we discuss: • What a strategic narrative is, and how to craft one • How having a strategic narrative can bring alignment to your entire company • Examples of strategic narratives in action • Who needs a strategic narrative and who doesn’t • Why Andy thinks about movements instead of categories — Find the transcript at: — Where to find Andy Raskin: • LinkedIn: • Website: • Podcast: — Where to find Lenny: • Newsletter: • Twitter: • LinkedIn: — In this episode, we cover: (00:00) Andy’s background (08:03) What is a strategic narrative? (10:34) How Salesforce would have pitched the old way (12:02) Examples of a strategic narrative in action  (15:23) How one piece of writing skyrocketed Andy’s career (16:40) The power of writing online (17:53) Two paths to writing online (19:27) Naming the old game (20:59) Naming the stakes  (23:29) Naming the objective (25:17) Naming the obstacles (26:35) Overcoming the obstacles (26:57) How the strategic narrative parallels the hero’s journey  (28:25) Telling one story well vs. being a good storyteller (29:18) The 5-step framework summarized (31:33) An example of the 5-step framework in action (36:12) The impact of shifting to the strategic narrative approach  (39:08) Companies that are nailing their strategic narrative  (40:36) Why Andy thinks about movements instead of categories (44:15) Should every company have a strategic narrative? (46:33) Signs that something is broken in your strategic narrative (48:53) Steps to get started on your own (51:36) How to reach Andy (51:53) Why the second session is the low point in the process (55:30) Why the CEO needs to be part of the process (57:40) Lightning round — Referenced: • Salesforce: • Marc Benioff: • Zuora: • The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen: • Gong: • Tien Tzuo: • Want a Better Pitch? Master the “Move”: • Star Wars: • The Hero with a Thousand Faces: • 360Learning: • Nick Hernandez: • Amit Bendov: • Drift: • OneTrust: • “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott: • Story: • Out of Sheer Rage: • Station Eleven: • Fitbit: • Apple Watch: — Production and marketing by For inquiries about sponsoring the podcast, email [email protected]. — Lenny may be an investor in the companies discussed. Get full access to Lenny's Newsletter at


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