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The Shit They Don't Show You In Porn

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The Shit They Don't Show You In Porn

7 Februari 2023

This episode is sponsored by Lactacyd Fem, the #1 Feminine wash brand with 75 years of expertise in the Feminine Hygiene industry. P*rn is often many people’s first source of sexual education, as a result it creates unrealistic expectations of what 'intimacy' should look and feel like, despite it all being staged. In this episode, laugh and scream along with Indah and Peter as they debunk a lot of the misconceptions and inaccuracies found in the adult entertainment industry, as well as spill for y'all the REAL tea on things like sq*irting, c*mming, length vs. girth, how to REALLY tell when she's reached O-city, and how to ACTUALLY make him feel good when riding on top. What were some of Indah and Peter's own internalized misconceptions and unrealistic expectations as a result of their pornographic consumptions, and how the hell did a booty-call leave Indah with first-degree burns? Also really sorry that there are no more-specific timestamps, it's because Indah and Peter kind of went all over the place, and a lot of different things all at the same time that it's pretty hard to divide & categorize. Timestamps: 0:00 — Intro, Bantering with Peter 3:46 — Sponsorship Message 5:38 — Here's where it starts Full episodes of The Indah G Show are available every Thursday 6:00 PM WIB (Indonesia) time on on YouTube, Spotify & Apple Podcast. Episode clips are also available on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok. PSA for all of our deaf & hard-of-hearing viewers & listeners all over the world, our full episodes on YouTube come with automatic English closed captions that have been reviewed and revised by our team to ensure accuracy. For those of our local Indonesian audience in need of Indonesian translations, you can find Bahasa Indonesia closed captions on the episode clips of this episode uploaded on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok, which we will be sure to post a lot of from each and every episode on this show to ensure that none of you miss out.


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