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How We Work: Finding the Right Team

26 Menit

How We Work: Finding the Right Team

20 Maret 2024

37signals is hiring! However, the traditional resume and formal education credentials don’t rank as high as you might think in their hiring process. In this episode of The Rework Podcast, host Kimberly Rhodes chats with co-founders of 37signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson about reviewing potential job candidates. You’ll hear them discuss why a personalized cover letter can tell a lot more about a potential hire than chronological work history, and why AI isn’t always a dependable author for those details. Key Takeaways: 00:45 - Resumes are basically piles of lies 02:27 - Cover letters should explain why you want the job 05:07 - Test driving final candidates 11:05 - Jason and David’s involvement in the hiring process 18:59 - Finding employees that are the right cultural fit Rework is a production of 37signals. You can find show notes and transcripts on our website. Full video episodes are available on YouTube and X. If you have a question for Jason or David about a better way to work and run your business, leave us a voicemail at 708-628-7850 or email, and we might answer it on a future episode.  Links and Resources: Books by 37signals Sign up for a 30-day free trial at HEY World | HEY  The REWORK podcast The Rework Podcast on YouTube The 37signals Dev Blog 37signals on YouTube @37signals on X


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