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Noel Miller on Starting 'That's Cringe', Tiny Meat Gang, & Stand Up Comedy

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6 April 2023

We are blessed today to be joined by Tiny Meat Gang's very own Noel Miller. We talk about his ongoing ethnicity mystery, going Vine viral, the success of 'That's Cringe' and wanting to move to New York to work on his stand-up comedy! INDULGE 00:00 Working out Noel's ethnicity 05:57 Gun to head... we're saying any word 07:49 White co-hosts memory + The Philips got the rice cakes 13:32 Noel got the lamb cheeks + Cody wants Noel to be White 15:48 Larsa Pippen nightly workout regimen + daily nuts 22:23 Akaash rejected for tutoring + Noel's wife ethnicity 21:48 Having kids + relationship with moms are tough 27:50 Crowd's expectations + Noel's start in comedy 37:40 Vine created internet today 41:03 That's Cringe, Noel's viral content + Dan Bilzerian posted Noel 42:21 Impressive Spaceship studio 45:15 Comedy influences - Comic View, Comedy Central, Dave & Rock 48:14 Noel's special is coming + getting your reps in + crowd control 53:45 Putting clips out allowed audience to understand you 56:40 Expensive item for wifey + appreciating the successes 01:07:28 Noel owns Honda Civic & Porsche + how to steal cars 01:12:21 Andrew's flipping his fake Porsche + real one feels different 01:14:20 Loves go-karting + Helmet nerds + Racing competitively 01:36:00 Andrew boxing & does Noel box?? + concussions 01:39:30 Noel been pulled over for speeding + Keys on roof + White privilege 01:45:25 Noel is Touring = "Everything Is F#&ked"


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