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Slaycation: True Crimes, Murders, and Twisted Vacations

Slaycation: True Crimes, Murders, and Twisted Vacations


For vacation murders and mysterious deaths on holiday join us for this chilling and darkly comic true crime podcast. Slaycation is a gripping and darkly comedic podcast that delves into the chilling world of murders that take place on vacation. Was it an accident, or murder? Hosted by a true crime enthusiast, her comedy writer husband, and a seasoned TV producer, this unique and hilarious show will have you laughing, gasping and exclaiming 'WTF?' as you go on a twisted journey through the wildest slaycations that will have you canceling your flight. Embark on a chilling yet uproarious adventure with Slaycation, the true crime podcast that fearlessly unravels the darkest corners of vacation destinations. Hosted by the dynamic trio of Jerry Kolber, Adam “Tex” Davis, and Kim Davis, this podcast guarantees an enticing blend of suspense and humor by discussing cases like Shanquella Robinson, The “Kayak Killer”, and more. With a focus on real-life murder stories that occurred in the midst of seemingly delightful vacations, Slaycation navigates through the sinister underbelly of travel, making you question whether your next getaway might be more dangerous than you think. Join the conversation on all sorts of vacation murders and mysterious deaths - including husband-wife murders, fiance’ murders, life insurance plots, kidnappings, and cases that will have you asking, was it an accident or murder? Slaycation goes beyond the typical true crime podcast formula. Delving into infamous cases, the show not only explores individual vacation murders and suspicious deaths but also sheds light on the complexities of couples entangled in crime. From mysterious disappearances to shocking revelations, the hosts bring a fresh perspective to the true crime genre, weaving a narrative that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats while injecting doses of dark humor that make the unimaginable tales oddly entertaining. Slaycation isn't just another true crime podcast; it's a production led by seasoned, Emmy nominated TV producers and a true crime fanatic who ensure a cinematic quality to every episode. The show takes a deep dive into murder stories, meticulously crafted to engage both true crime aficionados and those new to the genre. With the hosts' distinctive blend of expertise and wit, Slaycation transforms the gruesome details of vacation murders into a compelling narrative that is as riveting as it is amusing. Ths hosts also bring a sense of compassion and care to the cases, along with takeaway tips on how to avoid being murdered on your vacation. They answer questions like, “Is Mexico a safe travel destination for Americans?” “Is it safe to travel overseas?” “Should women travel alone?” “How soon after you buy life insurance, should you murder the insured?” With thoughtful information from their research and expertise.  If you thought true crime and comedy were an unlikely pairing, Slaycation will prove you wrong, leaving you hooked on its unique and unforgettable exploration of twisted vacations and the shocking crimes that lurk beneath the surface.

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