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Ep. 186 - Working With Thought And Emotion

Ep. 186 - Working With Thought And Emotion

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2 November 2023

Joseph Goldstein expounds upon the relationship between thought and emotion as it relates to both our spiritual practice and our daily lives. This dharma talk, recorded on June 4, 2013, was originally published on Dharma Seed. In this lecture, Joseph: Dissects the nuanced meaning of the Pali word sati, often translated as "mindfulness" Highlights the importance of applying mindfulness to both skillful and unskillful thoughts Helps us understand the very nature of thought Outlines the inherent connection between thoughts and emotional responses Proposes that we stay open to afflictive emotions without identifying with them "When we engage with thoughts and emotions from a place of interest and a place of investigation, a place of inquiry, we can see them all arise and pass away in this open sky of the mind." - Joseph Goldstein ----- Discover the transformative practice of teaching mindfulness in a new FREE 30-page ebook by Senior Buddhist teacher and Emmy award-winning musician, David Nichtern.  With its blend of humor, wisdom, and accessible approach, The Art of Teaching Mindfulness ebook is a must-read for anyone interested in sharing the life-changing practices of mindfulness with others. Already downloaded by over 15k people, visit to get YOUR free copy of The Art of Teaching Mindfulness! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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