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Ep. 192 - The Buddha's Life And Journey

Ep. 192 - The Buddha's Life And Journey

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8 Februari 2024

Taking a journey through the Buddha’s history, Joseph Goldstein reveals how we can relate the Bodhisattva’s experiences to our own lives. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp. Click to receive 10% off your first month with your own licensed professional therapist: In this Episode, Joseph teaches on: The history of Siddhartha Guatama Archetypes and myths within the Buddha’s journey Connecting individual experiences into universal principals Joseph Campbell’s description of the Buddha’s life stages Calls to destiny and the illusion of having a self The profound truth of impermanence and change Anxiety and unease from trying to posses things Facing realities such as death and disease One of Joseph’s first major insights into his mind Renunciation and getting out of the seduction of appearances Meditation and recognizing vastness Examining what is a hindrance and what is skillful The great struggle and developing a courageous heart The Bodhisattva’s three watches of the night The great awakening and working for the good of others “In this archetypal level, the Buddha’s life reveals to us aspirations in our own. It helps us find a deeper meaning, a deeper purpose, a fuller context for our own life choices. On this archetypal level, it connects the Buddha’s journey with our own.” – Joseph Goldstein See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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